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Virtual Prayer Room

Can you help us pray for 24 hours for Thy Kingdom Come?

Starts Friday 22nd May at 5pm

Please join us in praying non stop, 24 hours, for ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ for our families, neighbours and communities in Ryedale.

How to join in

  • Sign up for an hour (or more if you choose to) as an individual, household or community
  • There is no need to register, simply click on the time slot you would like to pray (white square) and fill in your name. You will be asked for an email address so that the system can email you a reminder of your slot. You can however still book without providing one (obviously you then won’t get a reminder)!
  • As many people as wish can sign up for the same time slot so don’t worry if there is already a name in there (although it would be lovely if we could fill all 24 hours of prayer)
  • If for any reason you are not able to sign up but would like to be involved, please just commit to one of the hour slots and join us in prayer for that hour
  • If you would find it helpful, you can download the prayer guide provided to help guide your prayers. There are several options within the guide so it would be helpful to have a look at it prior to your prayer slot
  • If you have any difficulties with the sign up or any queries, please feel free to email Judy at judychrisbarker@hotmail.com or Sarah at sarahdwright@hotmail.co.uk

Click here to sign up

If you would like to use the 60 minute prayer guides from the 24/7 website please click here.

For other prayer resources please click here.