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This year marks the centenary of the end of World War 1.

We'd like to have a poppy display made by the community of Norton to mark this event and remember those who gave their lives.

If you want to get involved we need people to make poppies - knitted, crocheted, felt, cloth anything else you can think of. They must be red with a black centre. No need for a leaf or anything fancy.

A mixture of sizes is fine but don't be afraid to make bigger ones.

If you can leave some wool, thread etc on the back of the poppy to attach it that would be helpful.


There are plenty of patterns available online. If you find a good one share it on our facebook page or bring it to church. Here's one:

Easy Poppy pattern

Size 4mm needles, Red Yarn

Cast on 70sts, Knit 8 rows in garter stitch

Rows 9-11 knit 2 tog across row

FINISHING - Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts, leaving length of yarn for tying.

Sew edges together to form a round. Sew on black button or anything to make a black centre. TO MAKE A LARGE POPPY USE CHUNKY YARN OR TWO STRANDS OF DK TOGETHER ON 6mm Needles.


The aim is to attach the poppies to some netting and hang it from the church tower during November. (A bit like the Tower of London cascade). If we don't get enough we will display them inside church.

This means we need the poppies by the end of September to get it ready. Please do not bring your poppies to church before September!

If you know someone who can lend us some heavy netting please get in touch!

We will also need plenty of helpers in October to help us put this together. Look out for more details nearer the time.



Remembering the people

Inside St Peter's chapel we have a memorial tablet and Book of Remembrance which name all the people from Norton who died in WW1. We would love to have a display during November of photos, stories or other items which relate to these people. If you are a relative or friend and can help please get in touch.

There will be a special service during the weekend of 10/11th November during which we can honour these people.

You can see a copy of the memorial book and all the names here:


For further information please contact Revd Rachel Hirst

Tel 01653 699222


Or use our facebook page.


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