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We will miss you Mark and Emma…

More farewell messages from St Peter’s…

Dear Mark and Emma,

We are so very excited for the new challenge and the new experiences that will come for you in Mark’s curacy, and know, from ample evidence of Mark’s sermons and other ministrations at St. Peter’s, that that role will be fulfilled with great skill, spiritual wisdom and eloquence, and greatly to the benefit of the new congregation. We are, equally, terribly sorry to see you go, having valued the support and friendship of both of you, and we wish you both, and James and Hannah, the very best for the future. You must visit St. Peter’s periodically in that sane future world in which things like non-virtual services can take place!

All our love and every good wish and blessing,

Keith and Penny Edghill


Thank you Mark, for all you have done for St. Peter’s.  We are certainly going to miss you.  We wish you and Emma every blessing in this new phase of your lives,

From Mary and Denis Coldbeck


It’s been a pleasure knowing you both and we wish you every success in your new ventures.

With Love, Roger and Paula xxx


Dear Mark and Emma,

I would like to wish you well in your “New Life”,

And to thank you for your input to our Church,

and personally Mark I want to thank you for your support and prayers on many occasions.

With Love and Prayers

Mary A


So glad you became members of St Peters congregation.

We will miss you both lots but know others will benefit from your ministry Mark and the support you will get from Emma.

Good luck with your next stage,

Take care,

Sue and Hannah Preston


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